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Linear Regulators | AO #17

The LM7805 is a very popular voltage regulator. Curious about how it works? In this AddOhms Tutorial, we look at what is a Linear Voltage Regulator and how to use them in your circuits. 

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New since the last tutorial are the AddOhms Forums. I'm giving thought to closing comments on YouTube. Not because of the comment quality but because it is very difficult to answer questions well through YouTube's comment structure. Here's the show notes and forum for Episode #17 - Linear Regulators

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Episode 10: Transistors Part 1 of 2 (BJTs

The two most popular kinds of transistors you might use for a project are either BJTs or MOSFETs.  With so many options, it was tough to pick just a few.  In AddOhms #10, we look at NPN BJTs and how to use it as a switch.

in #11 we'll come back and cover the high current brothers:  MOSFETs. 

Transistors are electronic switches that are used to control things that would kill an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Beaglebone. There are two major types known as a BJT and MOSFET. This is part 1 of a two part series, which looks at BJTs first. Learn what they are and how to use them.

There's a new section just for Videos on Electronic Components.

We covered the 2n3904 in this video.  What BJTs are your favorites and why?  Leave a comment below.

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